Why DID you Change to a ticketed reservation system?

Starting out, we began taking reservations as part of our Kickstarter reward system. These limited reservations gradually grew to encompass more and more people. Because of the cost of managing a traditional reservation system (staffing, open table fees, etc.) we have chosen to go the ticket route to help us continue to offer great service while focusing on the best dining experience possible.

HOW DO I make A Reservation?

First it is important to note that these ticketed reservations are only being offered for dinner at Travail Kitchen and Spotlight. We will release tickets in two month increments. You will be able to preview the ticket options now on tempotickets.com/travail

Can I call For a Reservation?

No, the only way to acquire a ticketed reservation is to purchase one through the tempoticket.com/travail website, which is also displayed below. Check out the 411 page to sign up for our newsletter and you will be informed of upcoming ticket releases and special events.


  • When you order via Tempo, you will first select the day of the week you would like to join us.
  • Your next step will be to select the specific date from box 1. Then select your specific time & quantity of guests from box 2.
    • Your total group size cannot exceed 8. Please read about making large group reservations below. Please do not buy two groups of tickets and ask to sit together if the total number of guests exceeds 8 people. We may not be able to seat your group together, but will do our best to accommodate if we can.
    • You cannot combine seatings times, for example you cannot purchase 2 tickets at 5:00pm and 8:00 pm and hope to sit together.
    • We only have a limited amount of seats that are available at each time.
  • Next, select the quantity of guests you would like to purchase beverage pairings for. This is optional and can be purchased at a later date.
  • Hit continue!
  • The next page will ask you for your ticket holder information. This includes two questions, one about allergies & restrictions for your group (please see below) and if you have any other guests joining your party who may have purchased tickets separately. Please be as accurate as possible.
  • Complete the payment section on this page and "Complete Order".
  • You should then receive an email confirmation from Tempo Tickets.
  • You can expect to receive another confirmation email from Travail before your reservation.

You do not need to bring a printed copy of your ticket to dinner. Save a tree! We will have a guest list based on the original ticket purchase records. If you are purchasing an aftermarket ticket it would be wise to request their original ticket confirmation email from tempo tickets.

What does my ticket include and what is the Availability & Pricing?

Ticket prices are per person. Your ticket includes your meal, a tasting menu between 14-20 courses. Your ticket does not include drinks - they can be purchased when you dine or purchased as a separate Beverage Pairing ticket (more info below). The price below is the base price, there will be an additional service fee added (which will include an 18% gratuity, tax, and a ticketing service fee). Arrive early and enjoy the full bar, cocktail program, and small bites at The Rookery. It is in both of our best interests if you arrive 15 minutes early; we cannot guarantee your reservation if you arrive after your seating time. Your seats will be given away 15 minutes after your reservation time and we will not be able to refund your purchase. Read more about Spotlight tickets here.

How Does this Dynamic PRICE Structure work?

Restaurants in general have high demand (weekends) and low demand (mid-week) nights, and within those nights, specific times.  The kitchen and your dining experience function best with a consistently full dining room. To encourage this every night of the week we are offering staggered pricing.  Rather than offer one higher blanket price to everyone we created this differentiated price structure to incentivize dining on a night or time when there is less demand at a lower cost.  We hope this will continue our mission of making this dynamic fine dining experience accessible to a wide demographic.

Do I leave a Gratuity?

In the case of those with ticketed reservations, no. Since we are not billing you for your meal at the time of the dinner we are adding a 18% service charge at the time of purchase. However if you are purchasing beverages and you have enjoyed your service and experience we would encourage you to tip on your beverage total. If you are a walk-in (see below), guests can leave gratuity upon receiving their check.

Do you Still Accept walk-ins?

Short answer: yes! If we are not sold out, the remaining seats are open. Remember, the Rookery (and Pig Ate My Pizza), will remain walk-in only. We recommend coming in small groups (2-3) people for a greater chance of getting seats. If you join us on a Wednesday or Thursday night the price is $75 per person for your meal. On Friday and Saturday evening the walk-in price is $90 per person. These prices do not include tax or gratuity.

Will you Still be taking Summer & Holiday breaks?

Yes, we will continue our tradition of taking time off to see family, friends, and get reinvigorated. We will only post tickets for the days we are open, for example if you don't see tickets available on July 4th or Christmas it is because we are closed and on break. (Remember we are only open Wednesday – Saturday, so you will never be able to purchase tickets for a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday unless we offer some type of special event.)  We will post information here & on social media about the times we will be closed.





Yes, we offer all sorts of beverage options! You may purchase drinks at the restaurant or purchase a Beverage Pairing ticket online with your ticketed reservations (more info below). The Rookery bar program crafts a unique & extensive list of craft cocktails.  We offer both a variety of local and domestic beers throughout the restaurant. Wine is available for purchase by the glass or bottle, including an exclusive bottle list. There is also a wine pairing available to guests eating the chef's tasting menu at Travail.

No beverages are included in your ticketed reservation for dinner unless you purchase the additional Beverage Pairing ticket. Otherwise you may purchase single beverages in-house similar to any other restaurant. We encourage you to check out the bar scene, before or after your meal...or both!


We now offer a Beverage Pairing ticket to accompany your Travail tasting menu. Developed by our chefs, beverages will change with the menu and will likely include wine, beer, house made juices, and craft drinks. (Not all paired items will contain alcohol, but at this time we will not be offering an N/A pairing.) A few of the beverages will be exclusive to this pairing menu. Feel free to share your glass with your fellow diners, but the pairing may not be split between guests. We will not be making substitutions at this time, trust in your chefs for a great selection of fine libations to accompany your meal.

One beverage pairing ticket includes 7-10 beverages for one guest. You are not required to purchase a beverage pairing for every guest in your party. There is an additional "service fee" which covers your sales tax, an 18 % gratuity for your meal (does not include gratuity on any purchases at Travail during your dining experience), and a small ticket processing fee. 

Though it is preferred you purchase your dinner reservations and beverage pairings at the same time, you can always come back and buy your beverage pairing at a later date through our ticketing site.


We do our best to accommodate any allergies or dietary restrictions you might have. When you purchase your tickets there is a space to identify any allergies or restrictions that may be present in your group. Please do your best to inform us in advance by completing this section and we will do our best to make proper accommodations. Please don't just list personal preferences; a big part of the chef's tasting menu is to experience new things, even those things you thought you might never like! Please note we do craft our menus with meat eaters in mind, and we will do our very best to deliver an outstanding meal to vegetarians. However, please note we cannot make substitutions for every dish, so your courses may vary from your fellow diners. Common dietary restrictions we accommodate are vegetarian, pescatarian, and gluten free. If you are unsure if your allergy can be accommodated, submit an inquiry with the form at the bottom of this page.



Can I get a refund OR EXCHANGE MY TICKET once purchased?
What about selling or giving away my ticket?

No - you cannot get a refund or exchange your ticket. Just like a concert, sporting event, or theater ticket all sales are final. So, please be thoughtful when you make your purchase.

Yes! You can sell or give away your ticket. The ticket is yours once purchased. However,  we are not cool with selling tickets for greater than face value - in fact it is kind of illegal!  Any tickets purchased outside of our ticketing system are at the purchaser's risk. We can't help you if you end up with a forgery or some other type of shenanigans.

If you sell or give your ticket away please email sales@tempotickets.com with your ticket confirmation number and the name and email of the new ticket holder. Tempo tickets and Travail will not facilitate the re-sale of tickets, you are responsible to do that and must make sure to update the ticket holder information with Tempo Tickets.

Likewise if you are purchasing an aftermarket ticket we recommend that you also request that the original purchaser emails tempo ticket your information and passes along their original confirmation number.  This will help ensure that you are holding a legitimate ticket.

Can i use my gift certificate TO purchase tickets?

With our current system you will be unable to use your gift certificate at the time of purchase. However, we ask that you bring the gift certificate with you to your meal and we can refund your ticket purchase in accordance with the balance on the gift certificate. You can also use your gift certificate to purchase your beverages and it also applies to the entire Rookery menu.


We Have Friends joining us how do we all sit together?

The best way to ensure that your whole party is seated together under one reservation is to purchase all tickets at once under one name. However, if you purchase tickets separately indicate other members of your group on the payment page. We will do our best to accommodate your group with the availability in the restaurant. We remind you that your total group size cannot exceed 8 people. More info about booking large groups is below. Please do not buy two groups of tickets and ask to sit together if the total number of guests exceeds 8 people. 

Can I buy Tickets for an Odd number of PeoplE?

Yes. Tickets are now sold per person, not per pair. Please remember most of our tables are communal and unless your party fills the entire table you will be joined by other diners. Again a reminder that we cannot accommodate groups larger than 8 without scheduling a private event. If you are interested in a private event, a buyout, or hosting a larger group, email events@travailkitchen.com


We do not. However, your best bet would be to book a large group which is priced per table - so you won't be seated communally with other restaurant patrons. You may also be interested in buying out our Spotlight dinner which hosts up to 16 guests and is in a semi-private area on one half of our restaurant (on the other side of the Rookery Bar).


For groups larger than 8, you will not be able to book a reservation directly through the Tempo Tickets website. We are open to private events/buyouts and ask that you email events@travailkitchen.com to inquire about pricing and availability. For buyouts and private events, we will need at least one-two months notice to guarantee space for your group so we can book you before we release ticketed reservations to the public in the coming months. For most large groups between 8-16 people, we can generally get you in with less notice, but we always recommend contacting us sooner than later! Availability for these types of events will be based on existing current ticket sales and our schedule.

Planning a wedding or want to book a large group way in advance? Although we'd love to host your group, we generally can't book TOO far out - but send us a note and we'll do our best to give you some info.

If you have General inquiries you can Submit them below

For specific questions about events, private buyouts, and large parties please email events@travailkitchen.com

For media & press questions please email megan@travailkitchen.com

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