What’s up, Travailians?


Long time no see! We’re working to update this page more regularly with information directly related to members in case you aren’t seeing all our updates, emails, social media posts, etc. So let’s get to it!


New Perk Unlocked!

Travailian Local, Plus, and Prime members can now flash their black metal member cards at Pig Ate My Pizza to get their first beer free! This is good for one beer per card, per day.

Don’t have your card yet? We are working on another swag pick-up event, but in the mean time we’ll have a list of member names to look you up.

Please note, this perk is not included at the Prevailian $50 & $150 levels.


Upcoming Dates to Note

January 15 : Travailian Local, Plus, and Prime members pre-sale for the second round of UMAMI tickets. Tickets will go on sale to the public on January 16. This also includes Valentine’s Day tickets.

January 29 : Travailian Local, Plus, and Prime members pre-sale for the next concept at the TravailMPLS location: 90s Fine Flicker tickets. Tickets will go on sale to the public on January 30.


Member FAQ

How do I pick up my swag?

Most of you have collected your swag (shirts, pint glasses, trivets, calendars, member cards, etc.), but we have a handful of you who still need to collect these items aside from your other member perks like dining events and cooking classes. Once things settle down with Travail’s recent move to Minneapolis, we will be working on a plan to get that swag to you, whether it be a single evening happy hour type event or something else.

As of January 14, 2019 all Prevailian Members should have received their calendars and member cards.

When do I get access to my other perks?

Some of you have already taken advantage of certain perks in your tier like the pre-sales and discounted tickets. We will continue to offer these perks and will update this page with dates on when those pre-sales are available (as well as in our general newsletters and other posts).

Each perk relating to a specific restaurant (i.e. free beer at Pig or a rooftop dinner at Travail) will be available once that new space opens. We know that you all are eager to take advantage of these items, so we are working on ways to treat you in the mean time - stay tuned!

To review what is included in your member tier, visit our original Member page.

When are the new restaurants opening?

Below is a look at current schedules (click to enlarge) as of January 1, 2019. Keep in mind it is all relative to construction schedules, and we are hustling to get everything in place in the right way as soon as we can. Also below are a few pics of current construction and renovations.

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