Homage collaboration with Doug Flicker




Starting at the end of March, Travail will be hosting its second concept at the Minneapolis residency: Homage, a collaboration with chef Doug Flicker inspired by the fine dining scene in the late 90s. Flicker and his colleagues opened Auriga in 1996 (in the very space that our residency resides now) where "a common sense approach to cooking” was “worked and re-worked to uncommon sophistication". After Auriga closed in 2007, Flicker went on to create nationally recognized Piccolo, opened seasonal favorite Sandcastle, holds meat raffles at his dive bar Bull's Horn Food and Drink, and also leads the culinary program at Esker Grove. He helped put the Twin Cities fine dining scene on the map and influenced many of the chefs and restaurants that exist in the area today. He’s a long time friend of Travail, and even worked with two of Travail’s owners, a young James Winberg and Mike Brown at Porter & Frye, where the two originally met.

Travail’s second concept Homage will bring back the 90s fine dining scene in all its glory with a coursed menu in collaboration with Doug Flicker himself. We’re going the whole nine yards back in time with white table cloths, floral arrangements, and even white chef coats. But don’t worry, there will still be that familiar Travail exuberance served with every course.

This MSP Mag article by Stephanie March said it best: "You can watch old movies and read books to understand an era. But it’s a rare opportunity to taste some of the food. Plenty of young guns, working in kitchens now, weren’t even alive in 1996. I hope they see this fine-dining flashback as their chance to pull up a chair to history."

The Menu

Dinner will be an 8 course tasting menu inspired by progressive, influential chefs who shaped fine dining in the 90s. Find flavors like a Thomas Keller Beef Tartare, a Georges Blanc Bresse Chicken, and a Doug Flicker Beet and Goat Cheese Ravioli, plus more inspiration from the likes of Michel Bras, Trotter, Robuchon, and Jean George to name a few. You'll also enjoy amuse bites inspired by local legends like Steven Brown, Jack Reibel, Michelle Gayer, Lenny Russo, Alex Robert, and more.


Dress up your tasting menu experience with a ridiculous dinner supplement package including osetra caviar, foie gras, wagyu strip loin, Japanese amberjack, truffles, and langoustine for $120 per person.

For all the wine lovers out there, we'll have wine pairing tickets for $100/person including six/seven pairings with your dinner highlighting our favorite wines from Beaujolais, Burgundy, and California.

Both of these upgrades are available within the ticket purchasing process. Prices are before tax and service fees.

At the Bar

The bar will be open serving an a la carte throwback Auriga menu including plates like Goat Cheese Antipasto, Risotto with Wild Mushrooms, the return of the legendary Catalan Fish Stew, and Polenta with Scrambled Eggs. We will also serve beer on tap, wine by the glass, and craft cocktails including new recipes inspired by Auriga and all things 90s.

Open Wed-Sat 5-11pm, no reservations needed.

Homage Ticketed Reservations

The Homage concept will run from the end of March through May.
Open Wednesday-Saturday
Seatings at 5:15p, 5:45p, 7:45p, 8:15p

Wednesday: $111/person
Thursday $119/person
Friday $129/person
Saturday $135/person

Note: Tickets are sold in even quantities and are priced per person. If you are not seeing availability, check that your party size is set to 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

Prices are before tax a 21% Service Fee and Health & Wellness Surcharge added at checkout. (This includes a 18 % service fee and a 3% Health & Wellness Surcharge, which helps us provide health insurance and a livable wage for all employees.)

Groups larger than 8 should contact us for availability and seating options. Inquire at events@travailkitchen.com

Release Dates

February 5, Tuesday at 11am - Member Pre-sale
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February 6, Wednesday at 11am - General Public Sale