Solera from Travail

Starting September 20 at Travail Mpls Residency

The Travail Residency is bringing back the esteemed Solera for a special Encore dinner series at the Travail Mpls Residency. Solera, the beloved Spanish restaurant created by Tim McKee, was situated in the Hennepin Theatre District, so it’s an apt finale for this entertaining culinary experience as Travail will be moving to their new restaurant on West Broadway in Robbinsdale at the end of the year.

“Solera was an incredible place where people loved to congregate and enjoy great food and wine in a casual, convivial environment,” says Brown. “We’re honored to bring the spirit of Solera back to Hennepin Avenue for a spectacular encore performance.”

A James Beard Award-winning chef and longtime friend of Travail Collective, McKee is collaborating on the menu which features 30 unique culinary experiences both at the table and around the restaurant. Designed to showcase the unique flavors of Spain and Morocco, the tasting menu includes shrimp and tattila croquettes with Manchego cheese aioli, piquillo stuffed with crab and goat cheese, octopus ceviche, Spanish tortilla with blood sausage,oxtail montaditos, escargots with chorizo, Serrano-wrapped scallop roulade with saffron sauce, Moroccan-spiced vegetables, paella with grilled Spanish and Portugese sausages and more. The à la carte menu includes a Kafta burger, smoked tomato salad, harissa-braised rabbit and a small Pinchos menu—and a signature Travail wink!

Sample Menus

Our menus are revised often depending on product availability and the chef’s latest inspiration. Below are samples of Solera menus to give you an idea of what kinds of dishes might be served when you join us for dinner.

Solera Tasting Menu

Ticketed reservations are required for the tasting menu.

first bite

shrimp & tattila croquette / manchego cheese aioli
ham & cheese croquette

10 Items for 2

  1. spiced marcona almonds

  2. citrus marinated olives

  3. marinated manchego w/ fried parsley

  4. chorizo stuffed dates w/ smoked bacon & frisee sherry/bacon vin

  5. piquillo stuffed w/ crab & goat cheese w/ upland cress & spicy butter

  6. sliced serrano ham w/ grilled bread & tomato conserva

  7. octopus ceviche w/ citrus, hot pepper, cumin

  8. spanish tortilla w/ blood sausage, piquillo, scallion, braised greens

  9. pork ribs w/ paprika sauce

  10. oxtail montaditos w/ raisin, sherry wine emulsion

field trip

oysters w/ almond, manzinilla, & green olive sherry emulsion
salmon w/ salmon roe and hot pepper horseradish vin
escargots w/ chorizo, red chermoula hot
rosemary breadsticks wrapped in serrano
scallop roulade w/ saffron sauce
spanish curried cauliflower

course 1

moroccan spiced vegetables w/ harissa and mint
grilled fermented long bean w/ lomo and mahon
chorizo and citrus marinated radishes w/ pickled onion
brussels, mushrooms
peppers w/ cider

course 2

veal meatballs w/ white beans and romesco
harissa braised rabbit w/ lemon, patatas bravas


grilled Spanish and Portuguese sausages, longanisa, chorizo, morcilla, carrot, white onion, leeks, shellfish broth, mussels, shrimp


  1. quince honey w/ sheep’s milk cheese

  2. cinnamon custard-filled spanish beignets w/ mahon cheese ice cream

  3. take-home: spanish almond candy (turron)

At the Bar

Our bar is first come, first served seating. No reservations necessary.

This bar menu is a little different than you may be used to. Bites will be served on toothpicks as “Pintxos”, and diners will pay per toothpick.

1) burger
tzatziki / pickled red onion / lettuce / pomegranate-onion marmalade

2) fries
seasoned w/ ground cumin toasted pumpkin seeds

3) salad
smoked tomato salad w/ avocado, shrimp, manchego vin

4) fish
scallops a plancha w/ serrano ham, saffron

5) shellfish
octopus ceviche w/ citrus, hot pepper, cumin

6) chicken or rabbit
harissa braised rabbit w/ lemon over patatas bravas

7) pork or veal
lamb meatballs w/ chorizo & green pepper tomato sauce, mojo sauce & herbs

8) beef or lamb
braised oxtail or short rib w/hot marinated tomato & fideua

Tasting MenuTicketed Reservations

Seating Times and Options

Solera ticketed reservations through the end of 2019 are now available. We host four seatings per night running Wednesday-Saturday at 5:30, 6:00, 7:45, and 8:15. Seating is communal, and dinner is served to pairs. (Per usual, there are no reservations necessary to dine at the bar for the a la carte menu.)

5:30 6:00 7:45 8:15
Wednesday $85 $90 $90 $85
Thursday $90 $95 $95 $90
Friday $95 $95 $110 $110
Saturday $110 $110 $120 $120

*Prices are before tax and a service fee, which includes gratuity and a 3% health and wellness fee.

Ticket Supplements

$45 (plus tax and service fees)
A curated Spanish pairing of wine and sherry.


Ticketed Reservations FAQ

For any questions about our ticketing system, what’s included, and what to expect at dinner, we’ve laid it all out for you on our FAQ page.