Homage collaboration with Doug Flicker


Travail Mpls Residency’s second concept Homage brings back the 90s fine dining scene in all its glory with a coursed menu in collaboration with Doug Flicker himself. We’re going the whole nine yards back in time with white table cloths, floral arrangements, and even white chef coats. But don’t worry, there will still be that familiar Travail exuberance served with every course. Read more about the origin of this collaboration on our blog.

The Menu

Dinner will be an 8 course tasting menu inspired by progressive, influential chefs who shaped fine dining in the 90s. Find flavors like a Thomas Keller Beef Tartare, a Georges Blanc Bresse Chicken, and a Doug Flicker Beet and Goat Cheese Ravioli, plus more inspiration from the likes of Michel Bras, Trotter, Robuchon, and Jean George to name a few. You'll also enjoy amuse bites inspired by local legends like Steven Brown, Jack Reibel, Michelle Gayer, Lenny Russo, Alex Robert, and more.

Tasting menu Ticketed Reservations

The Homage concept will run from the end of March through mid-June.
Open Wednesday-Saturday
Seatings at 5:15p, 5:45p, 7:45p, 8:15p

Wednesday 5:15pm & 8:15pm: $95/person
Wednesday 5:45pm & 7:45pm: $111/person
Thursday $119/person
Friday $129/person
Saturday $135/person

Note: Tickets are sold in even quantities and are priced per person. If you are not seeing availability, check that your party size is set to 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

Prices are before tax a 21% Service Fee and Health & Wellness Surcharge added at checkout. (This includes a 18 % service fee and a 3% Health & Wellness Surcharge, which helps us provide health insurance and a livable wage for all employees.)

+ Upgrade Package Tickets

Dress up your tasting menu experience with a ridiculous dinner supplement package including osetra caviar, foie gras, wagyu strip loin, Japanese amberjack, truffles, and langoustine for $120 per person. Available within the ticket purchasing process. Prices are before tax and service fees.

+ Wine Pairings tickets

For all the wine lovers out there, we'll have wine pairing tickets for $100/person including six/seven pairings with your dinner highlighting our favorite wines from Beaujolais, Burgundy, and California. Available within the ticket purchasing process. Prices are before tax and service fees.

Large Groups

Groups larger than 8 should contact us for availability and seating options. Inquire at

Highlights of this Extraordinary Evening

Alex Roberts • Ahi Tuna — Fennel / Spicy Mustard
Jack Riebel • Cauliflower Soup — Mango / Salmon Roe
Tim McKee • Foie Mousse Bonbon — Candied Kumquat / Ginger Tuile /Chervil
Thomas Keller • Steak Tartare — Snake River Farms Wagyu / Gribiche / Crostini / Egg Yolk
Steven Brown • Parsnip Shake — Black Truffle Zest
Michel Bras • Salmon — Yellow Foot Mushrooms / Potato / Parsnip Bacon Puree / Jamón Ibérico /Miners Lettuce / English Peas

Seth Bixby • Red Grape Slushy — Mint Oil
Doug Flicker • Ravioli — Beet Pasta / Balsamic / Brown Butter /Goat Cheese

Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Scallops — Green Apple Juice

Lenny Russo • Rabbit Roulade — Carrot Puree / Lardo
Georges Blanc • Bresse Chicken — Chicken Jus / Spring Vegetable

Vincent Francoual • Coupe Colonel — Lime Sorbet / Vodka / Lime Zest
Joël Robuchon • Rack of Lamb -- Potato Robuchon / Lamb Demi Glace

Michelle Gayer • Sorbet — Lychee / Passionfruit / Guava Terrine /Meyer Lemon “Soup”

Accoutrement — Almond Paste / Candied Macadamia & Cashew /Apricot w/ Blood Orange Puree / Seed Treat Crackers

Michelle Gayer • Creme Brulée w/ Raspberry & Mint and Chocolate Souffle w/ Powdered Sugar

take home
Strawberry Rhubarb Pate de Fruit / Peppermint Meltaway /Dark Chocolate Truffle



KUA: Crafted Mexican

June-August at Travail Mpls

Travail heads south of the border for its third and final concept at the Minneapolis Residency. Introducing KUA, a Mexican-inspired tasting menu in collaboration with our friend, the talented chef Gustavo Romero, a native of Mexico City. Inspired by favorite mercados and restaurants in Roma, Polanco and other hot colonias (neighborhoods) in this historic and cosmopolitan city, this incredible tasting menu melds ancient Aztec ingredients with contemporary Mexican culinary techniques to create a truly memorable evening.

Kua, the Aztec word for “devour,” is an apt moniker for this modern Mexican feast, which includes sparkling fresh ceviche, smoked swordfish, chile rellenos, Konro-grilled meats, a prickly pear mezzo, lamb tacos, a tamale cart, house-made horchata ice cream, cocoa chili and more.

“Mexican food is so much more than tacos and quesadillas.
With Kua, we’re honored to be able to show you what Mexican food really is!”

Chef Gustavo Romero

This menu will start at the end of June and will run through August (leading up to the opening of the new Travail space in Robbinsdale!) We will also introduce a new a la carte bar menu with all new KUA inspired cocktails.

New Patio Seating

Speaking of summer… we’ll be offering a new way to enjoy dinner with the Travail crew in a sunny setting on our patio. In the ticketed reservation process you will be able to choose between Dining Room and Patio seating. If we have inclement weather, we will move all our Patio ticket holders inside. Please choose your seating carefully as these section-specific tickets are not interchangeable. Patio seating will only be available at the 5:30 and 7:30 seating times.

Ticketed Reservations

June and July ticketed reservations will be available for a member pre-sale starting Thursday, May 2nd at 11am. (Learn how to access pre-sale tickets.)

Tickets will then be live to the general public on sale May 3rd at 11am.

August tickets will be announced later down the road.

Pricing for each day and seating time for the KUA tasting menu is below. Prices are before tax and a service fee, which includes gratuity and a 3% health and wellness fee.

5:30 6:00 7:30 8:00
Wednesday $65 $70 $70 $65
Thursday $70 $75 $75 $70
Friday $85 $85 $90 $90
Saturday $90 $90 $95 $95


Beverage Pairing
$55 (plus tax and service fees)
A curated Mexican-inspired menu of craft cocktails, beer, wine and house-made fresh juices and sodas.

Insecto Upgrade
$20 (plus tax and service fees)
For adventurous diners, we’re offering a special Mexican-style buffet of the highest quality dried chapulines, gusano, and chicatanas to accompany your dinner. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience this favorite Mexican snack!


Ticketed Reservations FAQ

For any questions about our ticketing system, what’s included, and what to expect at dinner, we’ve laid it all out for you on our FAQ page.